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Best-Selling Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow is an award-winning resource to help you discover how to start winning in life. The 2020 Christian Authors Network, Crown Awards Winner, 2021 Ilumination Award, Digital Media winner, and a 2021 Selah Award finalist in Christian living, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow will help you move from hurts to healing.

Want to know how to live your dreams? In this best-selling book, discover how to reconnectrealign, and reactivate with the ultimate power source.

Broken, disappointed, lifeless? What if one second, one minute, or one hour could give you the power you needed to win at life every day, no matter what you were facing?

How is that possible? Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow will show you how to start winning in life by spending literally seconds each day discovering God’s power. As you extend the process, you’ll find the joy and hope you need for today. As you reconnect, realign, and reactivate you’ll discover the power to walk confidently into tomorrow and to live your dreams!

A Word from Laine

By the 16-week mark we had heard the heartbeat. Our child had passed the critical stage of survivability. We discussed names, told friends the good news, and began planning for how different our lives would be a year later.

A single spot of blood turned our joy to panic.

Hours of testing and prayers ended in tears and pain so deep that it dented my soul. The days, weeks, months after my miscarriage, became a time of loss that robbed me of all joy, hope, and in many ways, my belief in the God I claimed to love— THE God of Love.

Have you ever felt the soul-deep pain that echoes in the dark seasons of life? Have you fallen so far, been laid low, and found yourself with eyes shut tight, tears streaming down your cheeks? If you feel hopeless, lifeless, and unable to help yourself, then you are in a place where renewal and new birth can begin.

Hope is available, healing is possible, and the One with the power you need is standing with arms open wide waiting to hug you tight! When you reconnect to the Creator of your soul, realign yourself with his will, and surrender your life to his power, you will discover how he allows you to be loved and love others. Love gives birth to love. Love the One who walks with you through the shadow of death. Dare to love and live again.

Take the risk. Find hope. Give your pain to the One who heals. Discover the power to Enjoy Today and Own Tomorrow. Begin today to live the abundant life promised by the one in whose image you are created.

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