Dreams of Awakening


Dreams to stir hope, awaken expectation, and inspire your faith for the coming revival

In this era, God is revealing His plans to His people through dreams and visions. Are you prepared for what He has planned?

In Dreams of Awakening, author Gina Gholston presents detailed dreams and visions she has received from the Lord, along with their interpretations. These prophetic revelations highlight a resounding call to the Body of Christ to rise up and shine as lights in the darkness!

Each chapter features a powerful prophetic dream and corresponding prayer activation, helping you to wage warfare prayer to bring about His promises of awakening.

Dreams of Awakening will equip you to…

  • Prophetically discern where we are on God’s timeline for world history
  • Receive supernatural strategies for facing the days to come with faith
  • Build an inheritance for future generations
  • Expect miracles, signs, and wonders as God continues to invade our world
  • Stand in your unshakeable Kingdom authority, no matter what is shaking in the world

Global revival and awakening are imminent. Now is the time for you to arise and shine in His Kingdom power, and usher in the destiny of nations starting with your sphere of influence!