Dinner with a Prince


He doesn’t want to be king.
She doesn’t want to be a princess.
He doesn’t have a choice.
She does.

Princes of New Sargasso
Book 1

Prince Gideon of New Sargasso is used to people deferring to him.

He’s even had supermodels offer to have his babies – quite a sacrifice for someone who makes their living in bikinis.

So when he walks into a local Aussie-inspired café to find Karsen Robertson laughing to the point
of tears at the idea, he’s a little shocked.

Then she makes him pay for his food.

No one does that.

But nothing and no one has intrigued him quite like the blue-eyed beauty who has nothing but
snark for him.

Of course he’s going to ask her out.

And, if he can keep the paparazzi and tabloids away long enough, finagle a way to make her a

But if she’s not sure about the princess thing, how would she feel about one day becoming

First dinner with a prince.

Then a crown.

If she doesn’t run screaming first.