Dangerous Curves Boxed Set 1


Sunshine always manages to put the clues together just in time to avoid disaster!

This boxed set contains the first three books of the Dangerous Curves cozy Christian mystery series, set in the fictional small town of Bryce Beach. YA librarian and amateur sleuth Sunshine Baker, who hates her name and can’t even bake an edible muffin, always manages to put the clues together just in time to avoid disaster! Join this curvy redheaded librarian on her quest to keep Bryce Beach safe…and well-read, of course.


Book #1: Betrayal at the Beach

When tragedy strikes the Bryce Beach Public Library, the choice is clear for librarian Sunshine Baker: solve the mystery or lose her job.

Despite having no prior sleuthing experience, Sunshine feels uniquely qualified due to her ninja YA librarian skills and all those Nancy Drew books she read as a kid. With the help of children’s librarian Molly Simmons and cataloguer Evangeline Dupree, Sunshine and her colleagues scour Bryce Beach for suspects, clues, and the stolen treasure.

Can she and her squad recover the proceeds from the library’s annual fundraising gala and Bryce Beach’s most priceless historical artifact, the Bible with the town’s founding fathers’ signatures?

But here’s the most vexing question of all: could one of Sunshine’s colleagues be a backstabbing traitor out to destroy the library? As Sunshine always says, “Jesus, take the wheel!”


Book #2: Mystery at the Marina

Sea creatures are washing up dead on Bryce Beach…
…and librarian/amateur sleuth Sunshine Baker wants to know why.

It’s only been a month since Sunshine cracked the case of the Bryce Beach Bandit, who stole the library’s donations and the Founders’ Bible, a priceless relic. Now something else is afoot in the sleepy coastal town: dead fish and other sea creatures are washing up on the shore, and no one seems to know why.

Sunshine has noticed an increased Coast Guard presence in the waters near Bryce Cove. And the two labs researching the dead fish have both mysteriously misplaced the samples they took. She suspects these two situations are connected, but how can she prove it?

And what happens when she uncovers evidence that will ruin one of Bryce Beach’s most prominent families?


Book #3: Shooting at the Shore

There hasn’t been a murder in Bryce Beach since 1878, and librarian/amateur sleuth Sunshine Baker wants to know what happened to her quiet, charming town along the Eastern Seaboard.

The town has been abuzz with new tourists, and now a developer wants to come in and take over a whole city block with new restaurants, shops, and even swanky condos. One citizen has been rather vocal about trying to keep the big city developer out, and when the body washes up on shore, everyone suspects the sweeping changes Bryce Beach has been undergoing are related to the murder.

It doesn’t take Sunshine long to figure out that something much more sinister is afoot. She only needs to look deep into the past to figure out who has the motive, means, and opportunity…

If she gets that far before meeting the same fate as the victim.


Join Sunshine and her fellow librarians on their adventures to keep Bryce Beach safe. Scroll up and one-click this cozy Christian mystery boxed set today! Be sure to check out Boxed Set #2 when you’re done!