Conversations for Coaches: Applying Principle to Practice


You are a coach. To whom do you turn to talk over both the joys and the challenges of coaching? Your deep-down desire is to lead a team well. But how do you do that? Wouldn’t it be helpful to surround yourself with others who can—and will—challenge your thinking and spur you on to become the best coach possible?

Conversations for Coaches: Applying Principle to Practice, will serve as the catalyst to do just that. Designed to provide practical and relevant round-table discussions among coaches, it divides the ancient book of Proverbs into a manageable 15-week study. With tips to aid the facilitator, each section guides the group chapter by chapter, stopping to pay particular attention at those verses bearing implications for the way we coach. Seamlessly integrated into the text are thoughts on character development, motivation, the pursuit of excellence, discipline, purpose, and attitude for the sake of spirited discussion.

So, gather up your cadre of coaches. See what a difference 15 weeks can make in your coaching and on your team.