Coffee Shop Conversations Psychology and the Bible


Mature your faith, grow your relationships and lead at a higher level with these time-tested principles from psychology and the Bible. This Biblical psychology book will guide you on the journey!

All too often, the Bible and psychology are presented as being at odds with one another. Sadly, this leaves Christ-followers with limited opportunities for growth. This book is different because it is pro-Bible, pro-psychology, and pro-you!

Biblical Psychology

Each chapter begins by examining a fundamental counseling theory and shows how key concepts align with a Biblical world view. Next, specific applications help readers put God’s word into action. Each idea is easy to understand and written in coffee shop, casual language. This book is perfect for pastors, Christian counselors, and everyone looking to improve their lives!

Christianity and Relationships

Christianity is all about relationships. Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible provides practical tools for developing close, healthy, safe, and secure attachments. Readers will better understand Christianity and mental health by learning how critical principles from psychology align with Biblical principles.

Christianity and Self-help

Christianity and self-help can, indeed, go hand in hand. Instead of waiting for positive change to happen, take a proactive approach. Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible will help you:

  • Build secure attachments
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Improve your thought life
  • Recover from setbacks
  • Connect closely
  • Manage stress
  • Feel happier

No matter where you are at in your growth journey, there is something in this book for you.

Pick up Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible, and learn how to live, love, and lead more effectively than ever before! This Biblical psychology book contains sound wisdom and time-tested, Christian relationship advice.

Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions to further guide you in implementing positive life change. So, don’t wait. Discover how the Bible and psychology work together and get started on your growth journey today!