Bury Me with My Pearls


Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award – Gold Medal Winner, Illumination Book Awards

Enjoy this real-life, roller-coaster ride of laughter, tears, and stomach-churning truths by a Southern professional speaker, humorist, and singer who, as Miss South Carolina, represented her state in the Miss America pageant and has been singing, speaking, and writing ever since. Incorporating the analogy of pearls, this inspirational book uses humor and spiritual principles to bravely address difficult issues many in her audiences encounter within changing roles, self-actualization, and families.

Bury Me with My Pearls is funny and motivational, addressing the importance of how to guard the countless gifts given by our Lord and that doing the right thing is the right thing regardless of our feelings or circumstances. This personal development book is about trusting God in all things and how he can turn our irritants into pearls. Bury Me with My Pearls encourages us to develop our pearls, protect our jewels, carefully wear them next to our hearts, and share with others. As a speaker and author, Jane shares this with a good splash of humor.

Explore how to walk in love while pruning the family tree in an environment filled with difficult people. See how God’s power is released when learning to trust Him, to embrace the lessons being taught, and to grow spiritually no matter how painful. Like the process of the pearl, so many women need to find and embrace their buried treasures.

The author is a CPAE Hall of Fame Speaker

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