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Have you ever experienced a hurtful situation that left you devastated and disillusioned? Have you ever wondered where God was in your time of need? Are the wounds covered over by the passing years, yet still festering inside of you? If so, be encouraged by Ken’s incredible story of forgiveness and redemption.

Drawing upon inspiration from the Bible, read how we are just like the wounded and flawed individuals of old. From the Garden of Eden to Abraham and the story of God’s people growing into a nation, God used the wounded, overlooked, and flawed to accomplish his purposes. In God’s loving care, truth and humility set free those bound by the pain of a broken past.

“We can spend our entire lives trying to understand and reconcile what has happened to us,” writes Ken. “Despite this, God uses flawed people. He takes earthen vessels, sometimes breaking and remolding them, but always accomplishing his sovereign will. For some strange reason, God’s servants often must be broken before they are fit for the Master’s use.”

Read how Ken applied the principles in God’s Word to redeem hurtful situations. As the Prophet Isaiah tells all who mourn in Israel, if we walk in God’s ways, “he will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, and praise instead of despair.”