Broken and Blessed


As you read the pages of this book, many times you will gasp. Many times you will cry. Many times you will rejoice . . . and hopefully, have more faith to believe God for the “impossible.”
—Rev. Dr. Renee Hibma

Broken and Blessed is the remarkable story of Tracy Michaud, a strong, stubborn, and determined girl who, despite all earthly odds stacked against her, does not allow life-altering circumstances to change her smile or her destiny.

Young Tracy knows Jesus loves her, and she often sings “Jesus Loves Me,” as taught by her stepfather—who then goes on to abuse her. Later, as a teenager, Tracy drives the car that kills her stepfather and leaves her an amputee. Her mother refuses to engage in her rehabilitation, so Tracy vows to take care of herself. But filled with shame and feeling unworthy, Tracy leads a rebellious life marked by fear, depression, and hopelessness. But she knows that God sees everything, and she never gives up on seeking Him.

Mind-boggling and miraculous, this is a story of how God uses Tracy’s grit, courage, and faith to free her and her family from generational sin and oppression. His redeeming power, mercy, and grace in her life changes the course of eternity forever, one person at a time.