Bright Triad


A gene therapy project to cure the criminal mind. A monster on the loose. A desperate race to understand.

35-year-old philosophy professor Rand Aroyan is a smart, witty rising star in the field of medical ethics. But when Bright Triad–a project to cure psychopaths with mRNA therapy–instead creates a murderer, Rand becomes obsessed with identifying the killer.

As he teams with a homicide detective, a psychologist, and a charismatic ex-pastor, Rand is forced to grapple with questions of faith and reason, science and religion–and to confront his own deepest fears.

Ranging from funny to thought-provoking to chilling, Bright Triad will appeal to fans of speculative, psychological, and suspense fiction.

The future is here. The dilemma is real. The stakes are high.
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Daniel R. Zeigler, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Genetics from The Ohio State University. He worked as a research scientist until retiring in 2021. Since that time he’s pursued a variety of goals and interests, including writing speculative fiction.