A Scout for Skyler


Huntin’, Fishin’, and Fightin’ was all she’d ever known.

An only child, Priscilla Jones has never done anything but follow behind her pa and learn the ways of the outdoors.

On his death bed, he announces he’s sending her off to become the mail-order bride of an army captain.

His dying wish is that she make the man a good wife, be happy…and wear a dress once in a while.

A recent widower, Captain Skyler Corbett is an arrogant Scotsman who believes women should have babies not opinions.

Regardless, the last thing he needs is a wife. His daughter is coming of age, however, and friends argue she needs a woman’s influence.

When the headstrong, unrefined and unexpected Priscilla Jones shows up, Corbett is not inclined to marry her.


Priscilla agrees, firing back that the snooty Captain Corbett is no prize, either.

It seems this arranged marriage is destined for the ash heap.

Embers, though, do have a sneaky way of catching fire…