A Miser. A Manger. A Miracle.


A Miser. A Manger. A Miracle. is a vivid new approach to a familiar story. Fresh and fascinating.” ~ David Morrell, New York Times best selling author.

In an interpretive retelling of the birth and crucifixion of Christ, A Miser. A Manger. A Miracle. weaves Biblical events into the timeless work of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Darkness cloaks the hills of Bethlehem, but pales in comparison to the black heart of a greedy, unscrupulous innkeeper, who unknowingly sets into motion a night of miracles the world will never forget.

For years readers have found A Miser. A Manger. A Miracle. to be a source of inspiration during Christmas. Small groups enjoy discussing the parallels between the Biblical account of the innkeeper in Bethlehem and Dickens’ Scrooge character in “A Christmas Carol.” A Miser. A Manger. A Miracle. is a recent winner of the “Director’s Choice Award” at the Blue Ridge Mountain’s Christian Writers Conference.

A Miser. A Manger. A Miracle. makes a great addition to any Christian’s library.