A Broken Heart Mended


Crooked Arrow Ranch was designed to be a safe haven for the wounded when they return from war.
Sam Marley should know, he’d been there for almost two years, and he was finally beginning to feel warm and safe.

But when the pretty new dog trainer shows up expecting a service dog to be the answer to his problems, more than the love of a good woman will be needed to heal his wounds. This Army Ranger is going to have to learn how to lean on God in order to move forward. But with only one good arm, will he find the strength to trust?

Nelly Wilson decided to move her business to Frenchtown, Montana. All she wanted to do was help wounded veterans heal. But what she found might just have her turning tail and running.

As Nelly and Sam work together to clean up the “dump” that her ranch is, they get closer and closer.

Who in their right minds would kill a black bear and leave its carcass inside a ranch?

But when her ex shows up offering to support her new business if she’d only come home, will she choose him over a wounded vet?

Can a curmudgeonly Army veteran with only one arm let himself be loved? Will the pretty dog trainer get past his gruff exterior? Can they both work together to get past their fears and discover a happily-ever-after?